A Personal series of dispatches from Rural Ontario Canada

Sunday, November 21, 2010

the wonder and transformational power of art

Showing and selling at a local dynamic art show/sale has been a tonic indeed ..Friday night..Saturday day and finally today I have had the opportunity to both connect with my creative counterparts and those beautifully appreciative folks in my community who love art...Affirming and heartwarming I feel energized and ready to keep at it !Sometimes it's so important to step out into the world and meet your patrons in order to remember what else matters..

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I typically get a little excited and antsy when a show/sale approaches..two more days and I am trying to fit in bits and pieces of readiness with my other (consuming mentally,emotionally) work life..will  I pull it off? Here's hoping...eeeeek!
The darkness is setting in early evenings with the time change-and my play/contact time with wee outdoor beasties is further limited..Do |I sound like I resent my work life? Ha!
I enjoy my contacts with clients profoundly-but it does drain my life force..Being committed to a time frame also feels restrictive and binding-yet there is a gratefulness in being able to be employed and interact with others in a meaningful way.i am trying to tweak my hours so I allow myself some spaces-to create.. .to be home based.. it means using up my vacation time creatively..w'ell see..

wish me luck!!

Monday, November 08, 2010

o for heaven's sake..

So this week was a bit chaotic..but the topper was on Sunday when the Yaris got another little shove in a  parking lot while my S.O and myself were peacefully and blissfully eating breakfast..Either myself or this car is definitely seriously jinxed! it's like an accident magnet!  Grrr..There was a reason I resisted driving until a few short years ago when  I had to..
Well I was less than thrilled to deal with this calmly-but did more or less after finishing my eggs!
The layers of  tasks to follow are a bit overwhelming to me..collision repair estimates,reporting to police,dealing with insurance and renting a car..alas
but..i take solace and comfort from simpler pursuits..walking the dogs
hanging out with the critters and making art ..all help to keep it al in perspective.
Plus the other driver was honest enough to seek us out  and deal with it..that counts for something these days..

Monday, November 01, 2010

a sad social statement indeed

I am quite typically resistant to malls but do occasionally weaken on behalf of my daughter.it was supposed to be a day of reunion..a little mother and daughter time-lunch together..a little catch up..and a quick trip to a mall to pick up winter coat..When we finished shopping I was grateful for the freshish cold air and biting wind but this is what

greeted us upon return to the lot..!
yes some one had stolen the rear snow tire and rim(freshly installed last week!) in broad daylight and left it jacked up..We were incredulous and awestruck..disbelieving it was our car ..(I had to look inside to confirm for myself re trashy interior..)
it unravelled into a cold blustery wait in the lot for several hours waiting for police..CAA assistance (to help me with spare- we also had lost the lug nuts..)
and created tension between my daughter and I . I tried to remain patient,calm and keep my humour about me -but eventually sent her back to mall wander and deal quietly with this situation. she was a good sport for the most part-but tension was there for both of us..
Almost four hours later we were on the road again with mini tire..but our afternoon was squandered.in retrospect ..that was the bigger loss than the tire.
I had to hastily drop her off and slowly (couldn't drive fast with spare!) head back almost two hour drive to home -as it was getting late and I needed to feed ,let out  and tend to all creatures there.
That is the spin off -and something the person who stole my tire could not consider or probably cared to contemplate..
So I have a story..and today I buy a new tire and rim ..