A Personal series of dispatches from Rural Ontario Canada

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Falling up

new abstracts to fit my abstracted state...

simmering fresh tomatoes,ontario garlic and fresh basil..oregano.mmmm

an oh so precious sunrise..later now as the globe shifts us into Autumn

a few lingering blooms...

The bounty of Fall..Lovely ripe round tomatoes from my garden..I am distracted by the seasonal changes as I sit by and watch nature remind me we are shifting into a new place..a harvest..a glow of colours .The leaves die slowly in their own cavalcade of colour..Savannah and I walk with limited light at 7 pm ..hastily we climb the hill as the sun quickly dips into dusky shadows..Fall

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

contemplating neverending ripe tomatoes

a new assemblage art piece created for a literacy fundraiser..I so enjoyed this project!
altered abstract using transfer of a sweet face

Ii was selected to participate in an art banner project..my banner..jauntily swaying in breeze over harbour

Summer's end heralded by a strong yet fading sun..school buses bumping over gravel-ly sideroads and wonderful red juicy tomatoes.
Wistful thoughts while sitting in my "empty nest"
Missing my one and only daughter..yes even her sassy remarks and her making fun of my "death grip".. on the steering wheel..Who would think I would miss
Heidi's shrill voice emanating from the tv while her face was lit up by cel phone glow..rapt concentration..a contented bubble..She is ready to fly..She is ready to learn and be in the larger more expansive world. I miss her though as my world has shifted and changed and there is a missing piece of my heart.
The house is really clean (it's what I do when I am preoccupied)
The pigs escaped today and were happily slurping on my lovely tomatoes in the garden when I arrived home today..the dogs are sleeping now..not far from my toes..sleeping..eyes rolling in vivid dreamland..calming my soul too

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

pigs n potholes and rites of passage

Just thought that title kind of worked..but it does resonate for me-3 days until my lovely (and often challenging) 18 year old daughter jumps out of the nest into her new university life.It has caused me to wake up suddenly in the night..3 am to be exact..and with eyes wide open realize that our earth has shifted ever so slightly . I am typically one who embraces,welcomes change.As I am settling into my more middle section of life my comfort zone is more attractive,familiar (easier) (Thankfully my middle section is getting a little more trim thanks to the local gym)
My personal apple cart is upset. I am tense..have been snappy,irritable with her..she procrastinates ..her room is a huge pile of layered things.We both process this time in our own way. I embrace her excitement..and prepare myself for another step..another me,another her..
Now you may ask..why pigs?
Well they certainly preoccupy me..they are precocious and precious