A Personal series of dispatches from Rural Ontario Canada

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the faintest gasp of summer's demise

two little bundles of love (and trouble!:-))

flowers still parade grandly in my gardens..the sunflowers and cone flowers will not give in to waning light

I am not quite ready for fall..still trying to hold on to the scent of summer even ings..ahh finally mostly bugless yet dark so soon..I stroll by the fence to observe the cows ..take pleasure in a few moments with the chickens..am awed by the gift of an everchanging colour show called "sunset" and the huge sky i call "mine" The grumpy layer of my day peels off to reveal my peaceful ,quiet,satisfied self (until the phone crassly rings to yank me from this reverie..)

after all ..we have at least two more months until snow again :-)