A Personal series of dispatches from Rural Ontario Canada

Saturday, December 20, 2008

December can be trying

I appreciate the stark beauty of it all..but the extra labour,layered clothing and tense driving are starting to take me over to the darker side. if I am not fretting about my own driving..I am angst-ing about my daughter's (who assures me she is capable but..)

I am on holdays now for a bit but recognise there are so many responsibilities that tug at me..I would like to shelter some reflective time..

for now the kitties in the Christmas tree make me both insanely frustrated..and hysterically jolly..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

my little patch of comfort

With the cold air swirlimg outside..the weather inside is cozy..

Sunday, December 07, 2008

fun and follies..dancing through the snow

Well..not exactly follies..we have had more snow this year since early November than a typical January..It presents a sterile beauty at our doorstep-I grumble and tense at the steering wheel ..and try to keep on top of the chickens comfort in their winterized coop ..I take giant steps through the snow to deliver heads of lettuce to the chooks ..and clean their water bowl in outside tap (trying vainly to keep my mittens from getting soaked)..with Savannah the Collielab extraordinaire trailing (she likes to assist with chicken husbandry)

The weather can change from one moment to the next-all weather prediction bets are off! Still..it's aweful pretty to take a walk after the road has been plowed on such neverending crunchy whiteness.it's still..and lovely

Friday, November 28, 2008

waiting for Obama

I am over the moon enchanted and delighted that Barack Obama will be officially the leader of the USA soon..I believe this is the first election that I have witnessed in my lifetime that thrilled me to no end..and kept me smiling for days. despite climate of gloom and naysayers and financial fear..I do feel optomistic .

Saturday, November 15, 2008

deep dark

November has me feeling grey,dark,a little morose..gloomy.As the time dictates ..I am more on the inside looking out..dark in morning..dark at night.It is snowing outside in this ink black night ..but it lands and disappears into the soggy soil. I find myself thinking about the brightness of snow to come-and wishing it's arrival. My art is reflecting this sombre tone,and I rather like it..It's not sweet..or even hopeful ..it doesn't pretend to please..even a little (except me of course)

Friday, October 24, 2008

feathered runaways

Well three new additions to the Coop..Consuella,Evita and Frida K ..

They were amazed to discover each other (Prudence,Petunia,Violette and Luciano that is ) after I had carefully tucked them in the night before..

The next morning a fair bit of excess shrieking and carrying on occurred..with Luciano crowing "Jackpot!" and hysterically chasing the new arrivals around in circles..I forgot chickens can fly..

Despite my high fences..chicken wire etc..over and out they went!
Two nights with one or the other sleep in in the trees..lots of fruitless chasing..and finally..sweet harmony..all are cuddled together in their endearing puffiness with only an occasional warning "peck" The order has been established!

Friday, October 17, 2008

just pics that's all folks

Falling into Fall

It's been giddily chaotic last few weeks ..but the colours of the leaves' last hurrah makes me swoon..Fading in luxurious yellows, orange and reds-it feels quite unnecessary to consider winter and it's predictable lack of colour..

Returning from a whirlwind weekend in Toronto .(.I felt some sweet longing for my rural hideaway) -but nonetheless appreciated adventures and eye candy-stimulus the city offered too..Connecting with certain special family members made Thanksgiving true to it's label ..and we celebrated in our own turkeyless way ..

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Gus taking a peek at the falling trees from a safe vantage point...

Ok I know I am belabouring this point..but having a flu and being under the weather offers me a moment of grim consideration .I feel raw and self indulgent ..and well..low. So witnessing three more lovely trees fall just complicates my grief. Perhaps I am at the point of life where everything feels tenuous-so nature is something resilient I fall back on when the human world fails me. My admiration for these branched beauties..standing tall..older than me by at least 50 years. A pragmatic move to clear the field-but nonetheless..sad.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Blogging with the Blahs

Feeling sick today and spending the time quietly mercifully at home. can't talk or perform-can't cough and sneeze on others,can't blink my red rimmed puffy eyes to concentrate on tasks..or even driving for that matter. I feel a little lost ..such is my schedule of filling all the spaces with tasks and "to do's"..I gaze mournfully out the window at my sad little rained on garden..neglected ,overgrown..dying away.But then again it feels good to snuggle with the dogs..a cat strategically on my stomach purring up a parade ..home..I realize as much as I adore it I am hardly here by my lonesome to live in it. Resisting dusting,vacuuming ,I might slash a cloth across a crumb filled counter..but then..

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

farewell dear tree dear old friend

All that is left
Should a tree be mourned? I think so. There is a sadness that creeps and descends upon me from the loss of this magnificent living branched entity.In a few chainsaw cuts she was felled. Without ceremony.Without warning. Such is
the sacrifice for a field of corn. goodbye cows.Goodbye tree.

There is nothing to do but remember this lovely view..a nesting place at dusk for so many birds.Shade and sanctuary for creatures..It's blessed arms held high through all seasons A tree of grandeur and grace...Were we the only ones that noticed when it fell?