A Personal series of dispatches from Rural Ontario Canada

Sunday, July 27, 2008

On jcloths ,rescue and gratitude

This week has found me cycling through too many moods ..from absolute fear,to gratitude and peaceful acceptance..On Tuesday our water stopped (It had to happen mid shower with teenage daughter caterwauling her alarm at dealing with shampoo soaked hair) if you have a well you know the kind of fear I am talking about. Is it the pump? Is it a lack of water? We messed around in the back trying to knock some sense into the pump(we are not handy people and it was 10 o'clock at night..) Somehow our tapping created water flowing once more..magically doubtful we were..but oh so grateful the next day and thereafter..

The next day saw us inviting two more four footed rascals into our life..reluctantly..nah..They had been dumped on our side road..ten week old ruffian kittens..too big to be as cute as the fur balls they were...needing something like care now..Our neighbour kept them in his coop until we were able to take them as ours. Pandemonium ensued..but they are semi quarantined and indoors until they can get needled etc..

So welcome.. Gus and Sadie
As for J cloths..well just a sampling of the hospitality I encounter while living in this community..Yesterday I visited our local dump to unload our recycling..and headed over to the next town to pick up some well needed cleaning cloths..the proprietor of the variety store said she was "all out" but asked me how many I needed and provided me with two of her own "to tide me over"
..that's why I live here! :-)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Porcupine dreams

a new painting..
summer toes...
This young prickly visitor decided to camp out in the tree beside the coop causing the chickens to whoop up a fuss...As a result when i was trying to gently guide the hens out to other part of enclosure.Prudence got partially stuck between the fence and metal door frame..I thankfully encouraged her to settle and gently eased her out ..with only a few rufffled feathers..whew
Chester inquisitive..never felt porcupine quills before...

the coop in it's present glory