A Personal series of dispatches from Rural Ontario Canada

Sunday, May 31, 2009

marvellous May Musings

Frida..my broody girl

chickens crowding us out!

new arrival..ahhhh

dandelions can be lovely

vegetable garden beginning

I will try to stay positive when the going is good..I am getting accustomed to my more solitary status these days..Less of a hovering Mom ..more of a "me" again..Allowing her to make her own path..take her own risks with a copy of the Handbook of Life survival guide tucked into her 18 year old brain .

Baby chicks hatching sends my heart a flutter..demonstrating that life continues to cycle..reassuring .The garden is challenging me with it's abundance of weeds..yet another reminder of the tenacity of nature! I am having a blast(yea I know..cheap thrills-that's where I am at in life these days!) trying to outwit the weeds ..from wet newspapers ..to digging ..to landscape fabric..

The property is coming into it's own again and any fleeting thoughts about moving quickly fade when I take in this breathtaking view around me. Potatoes and tomatoes in..a few annuals and fingers crossed there will be no more frost to contend with..

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

May Musings

Well obsession for the chickens continues..my lovely hen Consuella is broody..sitting on at least eight eggs.I did not candle them so have no idea how many are actually fertile..we'll see...She is quite dedicated to the cause however..her little furnace keeping those eggs toasty and warm..a living incubator!

The others are happily taking dirt baths in all my garden plots-eating bugs (wish they would clear out the blackfly population but that's another story!)

This last week has been hopping..set up an exhibit at Marketside in Owen Sound on Friday and trying to go to the gym every second day or so..(a new energized me ha!)

our home is opening up once more..and we have the outdoors as our extra living room again (that is when we are not dodging blackflies!)