A Personal series of dispatches from Rural Ontario Canada

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Little breaks can do wonders

the first day with the home critters
taking the time to visit overnight  at a cozy cottage with two marvellous and special female friends was the tonic this woman needed. The next day equally was wonderful-spending a few luxurious hours conversing over a hearty and simply delicious lunch at another artist friend's rural homestead..

luckily my friends'dogs provided lots of visual  energy and warmth too

nothing like listening to the cry of a loon in a peaceful lake setting

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

feeling a Bit weary..hmmmm

Too much has happened of late to keep my typically calmish nerves frayed. I long for peaceful, nature filled days at home. Yesterday capped this for me. Contemplating who I am at this juncture -how much more give I have in me after almost 30 years of service to others in the helping field. Last week I listened to alot of personal  stories-including major life events and struggles.I was rear ended in a small yet significant accident while on the job. the same night our pot belly  Hank somehow got stuck in a tomato cage while exploring our garden..and Stephen had to extract him with wire cutters..he is ok thanks to Stephen's quick response whew..I just finished  book called Plenitude which reminded me of values I hold dear-such as low impact on the planet with spending..looking at shorter work weeks to lessen our imprint. i am trying to urge and suport my daughter not to procrastinate re her prep for moving out at end of this summer-two weeks and this causes me some worry also ..as I am trying not to be interfering while recognising a need to curb he chaos for myself..and her.
I have two days off next week .so this is good..hopefully I can spend a bit of time gathering stray thoughts and be still enough to recapture myself..What next?.....

Sunday, August 08, 2010

almost goodbyes and so longs

a tattoo moment
my nineteen year old keeps me hopping..She is independent, moody,sweet natured and on the move

already mourning her departure in the fall
yet understanding how our roles have shifted

Another mourning..our dear 12 year old dog Owen passed last weekend ..at home..it seems his heart stopped.and so did ours momentarily ..he was a quiet unassuming border collie cross boy..tolerant,wise with a soft way of taking his treats and he gave us many active playful moments and accompanied us on thousands of romps and walks over the years..was a tireless frisbee and kong champ and a marvellous regal companion all around. His temperment became more settled than his sister Savannah..and she has become very needy and affectionate in his absense. Of course we are loving her up..

There is a big hole in our lives and hearts with Owen gone.
may he be frolicing in some field..free and much like his puppy days full of collie spirit!