A Personal series of dispatches from Rural Ontario Canada

Sunday, July 22, 2007

garden of chatsworth

My first attempt at bigger than a postage stamp vegetable garden has been a physically demanding (at times ) yet incredibly rewarding experience..Picking out red russet potatoes this morning..using a dash of cilantro in my chili ..and the lettuce, tomatoes look promising also..what started out as intimidating has become a little obsession..

happy birthday to me

I chose a nautical star because of the reference to life direction..I am at that midlife point where possibilities and choices still hover..
plus..I am a sucker for stars....
the morning was delightful outside our door
flowers still vibrant and jaunty
potatoes from my garden..yum!

I had the loveliest birthday on Friday..realizing I had pretty well everything I wanted..my family were sweet and attentive and my partner gave me a tattoo ..(well ..paid the tattoo as opposed to inking me personally)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

home again


a moment of surreal pleasure ..aDjango inspired musical barkeep


city hall art show..

After returning form the big smoke, (my former home and stomping grounds)-I realized my home is here in the soil of Grey County . The mystique, energy,business of the City contributed to a feeling of isolation and loneliness.. It is as if everyone (except for the guy sprawled on the sidewalk) is having a much better time of it -myself being on the outside of the fishbowl..The anonymity is not welcome anymore ..While living in my former community within Toronto there was a small town feel ..but to leave it was to hover over the abyss ..Walking around, exploring this on my own again brought back memories of the lack of identity one has in a larger metropolitan centre..Even as a youth I was sensitive to this ..but buffered myself with a close set of others..Seeing a couple of old friends was a comforting element of this weekend .Cultural diversity is a big plus..and yes-lacking in my new found home ..and to visit and breathe in the many nations is a tonic-. Yet ...I found it sweet to return to my peace..away from the cacophony of noise, smells and indifference.

Friday, July 06, 2007

cluck ckuck peep peep

a new fuzzy addition....

holiday inspiration

Having a two week respite from my other work makes me content and creative..It has been lovely to explore this property,pick weeds in the garden,plant,water and tend to the space in a loving kind of way. I have cylcled,walked,visited peolple that I had neglected and spent unlimited time with all of our creatures. Time is so precious..and as it slips by I try to drink in every moment.