A Personal series of dispatches from Rural Ontario Canada

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Joy of July

Winston and Hank enjoying the great outdoors.. grunting,running and rooting

projects from children's mixed media art class..art dolls,birdhouses,altered books..

It may be the coldest,dampest and most unseasonably grey July in my recollection..but I have enjoyed the fresh weather..and the ambundant growth in my garden. I am no longer a heat wave person ..although I do sympathize with those who have counted on sunny days for their holidays..I am happy to rely on my simple fan at night to bring in the breeze. Although a busy month with many art classes and gallery show to set up and take down it's been refreshingly smooth and gratifying..maybe it's my way of dealing with life now-going a little more calmly..trying to pick and choose where to put my energies. Being sandwiched between needs of elderly parents and launching my 18 year old out into the world it has all been quite full throttle on the emotional plane. my balance? Art..and well..all of our companion animals which bring much joy,amusement and comfort into our world..The new boys..Hank and Winston..add another level of love and sweetness and a dash of humour into the mix!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

guitars,pigs ,art show ..harmony

mirror/glasses me

Stephen is blissful with his new "strat" guitar

the boys..getting more comfy every day!

a glimpse at my little Southampton art exhibit...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Although it's been a chilly summer..I have found the temperature energizing. I am happy to not have a heat wave. I believe all of our creatures have been content also..Better to frolic in long cool grasses and stretch out in the shade . I think the bugs are finally down a bit although a few stray deerflies continue to nip and mosquitoes seem a little ravenous too as well. I am walking more and taking care of the physical side of me..This ol' body has to last me another 30-40 years ! As my birthday is around the corner I reflect on my time on earth and feel quite blessed by my passage thus far. Reconnecting with nature and living in the kind of environment that allows me to be soothed by the outdoors has been a gift. Recognizing that the distance from hustle,bustle,concrete has been good for my psyche and soul.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

our newest family members...

Sunday I drove to St Jacob's Ontario two pick up these two little rascals! So far so good..They seem to like to snuggle together and they are becoming a little more brave with me..will eat out of my hand-and are less shy..Food is definitely a motivator!

Monday, July 06, 2009

art crawl etc

Back to the Crawl this past Saturday but the crowds were yearning for bargains,alas and not much in the way of art offerings..A few interested souls commented and lingered however..nice

Road trip etc

Petunia became broody and decided to nest out of doors for a bit..as we were worrried about her vulnerability we are glad she abandonded nest to be back with her flock

garden is getting more colourful through my digging and gruntlike work..

inside Hog's Breath..cozy,intimate and quirky..

We went on a mini road trip to Kincardine on Friday since our July weather was uncooperative and we were moody for change..Lovely town ..although the windmills and Bruce Power nuclear plant provided eerie backdrop along the way. We spent a little time at a lovely pub/restaurant called the Hog's breath..

Thursday, July 02, 2009

July Art

Spent some dedicated time in the studio yesterday..

Chickens on Chairs etc..

new little ephemeral pieces on wood

The young-uns are growing up nicely with Consuella's guidance

Ah Chickens!!What more can I say about this as they are getting a little too cozy in our environment..Sometimes I catch a sidelong (longing?) glance at our door (Do they want inside?)I can understand ..But really..