A Personal series of dispatches from Rural Ontario Canada

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not quite february Blahs

  a visitor...

I am trying to seek the positive,the beautiful and the precious..the landscape is snowy pristine-perfect for snow shoeing and taking in the natural stark beauty of my rural winter world..The caretaking of the out of doors creatures is a bit more cumbersome -as their habitat must be kept clean and warm..water fresh ..ice in chicken waterers cleared..and pig manure scraped and heaved over the fence..the days are a bit longer however ,and the goats with their puffy coats seem to have more of  spring in their stride.the sun was glorious today..and lots of out of door time to taek it all in..The dogs were walked extensively but somehow Edgar still has energy to burn.

 sometimes the cats accept Ed..usually Ned is the most congenial
a lovely vined city porch..

Sunday, January 02, 2011

sometimes life falls into place as it should

I have been fretting lately about the fate of our hens..harassed daily by too many handsome yet aggressive(oxymoron?) roos..I advertised to rehome three of them ..much to the doubting protests of my S>O (I requested a good home for them to roam out their lives-rather than to be served up on a platter)

Anyway I was fortunate to catch the interest of an avid bird friendly 4-h ing 15 year old who runs his own hobby /poultry operation.This polite and sincere young man was keen and insisted he loved his birds and did not slaughter them for food. Upon arrival at his farm I was greeted by this young man and his brother who were gentle with the nervous threesome and seemed quite impressed with their feathered charming qualities! They showed me around..and proudly offered a view of their home made coops-clean and impressive with lots of happy cohabitating birds..
They also bred heritage birds and were quite informed all around..Sometimes it is gratifying to take that extra step!
There was a new calm in the henhouse tonight..sigh

Saturday, January 01, 2011

All is calm

 Quiet chickens..inside..
 nearby Williamsford where I picked up my daughter from her New Year's eve return trip

Happy new year..tranquil..rainy..yet the pace has slowed down and so have I ..sigh