A Personal series of dispatches from Rural Ontario Canada

Friday, December 21, 2007


the coop
SN-Owen eating snow
another painting for disappearing historic places series
Aa little 4 inch Square art for Tom Thomson show

Almost Christmas..put on my James Taylor Christmas CD and appreciated his warm,mellow and soothing take on a few classics..The dogs seem rejuvinated by the cold outside-and the cats frolic,hiss,slide through wrapping paper and nap for extended periods..stretched out over furniture like furry throws. The chickens eagerly await (or so I presume by their chatter when I arrive) my treats of sunflower seeds,oatmeal and raisins..today I offered a pomegranate..which was received with enthusiam..I will spend a little time later at the art studio in town..readying for a solo show in January..but for now it's cozy right here..think I will make myself a hot tea...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

let it snow

When it snows outside..the indoors beckon..pares everything down to what is essential and peaceful..the world tumbles a little more slowly..

Sunday, December 02, 2007

on early snowstorms,driving and white knuckles

I continue to fret about chickens..although they seem content with layered straw and heat lamp
the outside of coop ..
morning ..after the storm..
the grey whiteness of today..

Feeling a little less enamoured with stark beauty..when the bully wind/snow storm tumbles over the hills..having to drive in this fury makes my wrists and fingers sore and tense..Squinting to see with my wiper blades thrashing highspeed ..competing with monster flakes that splat on glass..obscuring my precious view. An Amish horse and buggy clip clop by..It must be frosty and cold as pink cheeks indicate..but doesn't it make more sense?

Last week a vision lept in front of my headlights (despite deer whistles..alas..) 7 feet from bumper and moving so sinuously across our sideroad I had to gasp out loud.The fawn...How our fates nearly met..How tragic it would be to injure or kill such a majestic creature ?. Escape,the near miss was divine.

Today I grumpily snoozed inside..read in front of fire..languished until I could no longer stand it and went outdoors to sniff the white grey cool air and move my atrophied muscles..ahhhhh

Saturday, December 01, 2007

magic of december ..stillness...contemplation

After two blustery bonechillin', windchill days my cravings for carbs and other sleepy soothers are starting to subside. The sun is bold and bright and bouncing light off of the snow blanketing our yard..and a stillness prevails. So different from the chattery bird and insect sounds of the greener seasons..the smell of snow..of hibernation..of stop and slow down..

I for one will not be grazing the malls and shops with synthetic cheery music and artificial instant love..I may slip in and out if necessary.(and alas ..as a mother of a teenager it may be a necessary exercise!).but you will not see me carrying overflowing bags ..or puffing and huffing in my layered gear.

I welcome December..shorter days lead to longer days.and a spirit of seasonal choirs singing songs from the heart, white snow on startled branches, and crispy cold air..make it easier to snuggle in and seek comforts in quieter moments and social encounters..