A Personal series of dispatches from Rural Ontario Canada

Sunday, February 20, 2011

indoor days

 The dogs and kitties provided lots of comfort and demonstrated how to relax..

 Although the sun was trying to emerge the winds were fierce
Good for the soul..Sometimes I'm forced to stay inside by ma nature and it gives me the respite from the world and the hustle that I so need.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A little urban getaway

Sometimes I have to be pushed out of the door-but in reality a change of scenery is usually a good thing. The trouble being that my scenery is beautiful and to travel endlessly (and for me it is endlesssly due to the fact I only travel small highways to reach my destination) i had the pleasure of attending a good artist friend's opening saturday afternoon in Toronto and parked quite expertly on a narrow downtown road on top of a little snowbank..navigating can be tricky..butI I enjoy the adventure of it!

Exploring little shops and taking in the styles and airs of the locals provided me with wonderful eye candy..A late lunch in a small unassuming Korean restaurant was a culinary miracle.I felt soothed and gastronomically attended to.Later a dinner with another artist friend's eleven women friends proved to be a heavenly tonic on a cold winter's night..