A Personal series of dispatches from Rural Ontario Canada

Friday, July 30, 2010

goat goat and more..goat

well got to incorporate a little goat into my art now..

the picnic table purchased at a local flea market proved to be a hit
 play butting

climbing fun
they like to be close to us it seems and each other..lots of bleating when they hear us talking in the house ..

Friday, July 23, 2010

don't fence me in

I am finally  totally in peace now that we have our goat fencing complete! No more carrying the girls from pen to pen..worrying about rain and weather ..and being chased (even in play) by the jealous piggies..yea!! Still have to latch the gate-but it is a beautiful ,functional site indeed!
a young fiddler at Keady

My birthday was grand..lots of recognition and focus..I spent the day off meandering to Keady market (where I scooped fresh raspberries, peas in the pod and  local garlic!..no chickens however..although there were some sweet young silkies...) later i visited my favorite Sally Ann in Port Elgin and found some fun and funky summer clothes and chunky glasses..I returned to have a warm visit with a good friend and much later dinner with my family..out..perfect....

my birthday lunch..roasted veggie kebabs

me trying to be creative in Stephen`s bus

the fence!

flowers that susan brought..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a norwalk in the dark

the view outside my office window when I returned to work..A little smiling tug never hurts..
Finally feeling myself again after a most dreadful and virilant bout of norwalk or norovirus..Not the recommended way to reduce pounds..and most unpleasant in a heat wave..This terrible virus struck my whole family down like dominos..thankfully we are all mostly better ..makes one appreciate health and it's bounty.

Although the doelings have a romping area at present they share space with the pots -and there is much chasing around and mayhem..While we wait patiently for fence guy to do his thing we have been walking the goats around on leads so that they may have some pasture time daily

they are certainly more calm and connected with us now..sigh
Luna being herself

flowers are awesome..my energy to pull weeds..not
the chicks are maturing into...^ gender still unknown..but they are content thus far

my daughter..bonding

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

steamy days

I am a mere hour away from my first day back at work and feeling homesick already. my stomach is queasy too..but more from the heatwave..so glad we don't have a second floor as our mini fans would not do the trick. yesterday our critters had the right idea...

the warm temperatures encourage floral splendour

goodbye little put put ..I know I said I don't get attached to cars but this was my first ever car and ultra sensible and dependable (sigh)

Luna is losing her shyness

a little makeshift rain shelter-just in case they don't want to share indoor space with piggies in day
dirt bath heaven..can't you see now why I don't want to leave?

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Stella and Luna ..welcome home!

After much anticipation and fretting aout proper fencing and habitat..I brought "The girls" home...they were a little overwhelmed for the first two days from the brood here already (and missing their mom and other goat friends) By yesterday they seemed at ease and more playful and inquisitive..

these two are so nicely connected as sisters/pals

Luna in tree

as the boys were a little uprooted with the new additions..I offered a full body massage to Winston

ahh that's better...