A Personal series of dispatches from Rural Ontario Canada

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's been a little chaotic

yes..a lovely view nonetheless..sigh

journals made by students in February elective art class this year at a local public school

Life has certainly taken some twists and turns as of late..but I find staying as much in present as possible quite helpful..What other choice do we have but to deal with what is presented to us on a plate in front of us? Everything else is memory,speculation ,regret and hope(may I add worry and fretting to the soup pot?) My elderly parents have heightened needs of late..and although my physical presense isn't around too much due to distance..I try to maintain a thread of steady connection and support from afar. The landscape is everchanging and the on again off again worries winter weather blows our way keep me hopping..Although our little home is so very lovely it is starting to close in a bit when we are all here..Starting to look at potential living spaces again which of course puts us all (especially me!)psychologically and emotionally in whirl..Although life is ever changing..it feels impossible to stay static.. I picture the garden..overflowing with summer's bounty ..the chickens happy chortling around in their outdoor world..picking and pecking at bugs..having dirt baths..and frankly I can't wait to experience the living outdoors again..The dead starkness of winter is a cross to bear at times..and the usual white snow is quite defaced with sand and salt and muck right now with this recent thaw..but to stay in the now..I think I will curl up with a book and a cat or two on my lap..