A Personal series of dispatches from Rural Ontario Canada

Saturday, August 22, 2009

August is slipping away with a Shout

As I look outside my window at 8:31 pm I lament the fading light..The last week has been fraught with angry storms ..fierce,destructive..with tornadoes swirling through a mere few kilometres from here..shocking us with their mighty twirling fist. Poor trees..barns,roofs,livelihoods and lives..lost Dark carbon coloured cloudbursts,frightening flashes of lightening ..Egads this is Ontario not Kansas..Although respectfully unerved and cautious we wait and observe.meanwhile I work with the gaps in between..the flashy sunsets between and under clouds....and still wonder at my world

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

stormy weather ..yet..

devastation from storm..poor apple tree!

this current painting reminds me of what matters

the comfort zone

Mr personality ..Chester-We thought we had lost him too last week..gone for two days.worried about him a little frantic...then he wanders back
like "what's the Big Deal?"

the garden..bountiful perrenials

This last week has been a lovely break..eventhough drama unfolded.. like the loss of my two young chickens to the cornfield(heartbreaking)..and possibly a fox? the birth of two new hatched chicks,our potbellies neuter (today) and a huge storm which took down power lines and branches and entire trees in it's wake..despite all this rural action i feel more bonded to this place..the land ..our creatures.

no more view west..for now..chickens are on temporary restricted lockdown (well they are able to roam a little when we are home :-)

a little music in the background to scratch by

Sunday, August 09, 2009

August Is..

After a week of vacation i just want more..please! Something about working that is such an unnatural state ..I have been working on my vacation and well..always..producing and teaching art..digging in soil ..caring for all the beasties (the fur ones that is..) supporting my parents from afar..walking the dogs..keeping up the home..well need I go on? It all seems to be enough..and there is so much more to do..to create ..to care for..to nurture and definitely not enough time because of conventional work..there must be other less conventional ways to fill in those financial gaps!

august is ...