A Personal series of dispatches from Rural Ontario Canada

Sunday, August 14, 2011

original collage

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August is fresh air..natural meanderings

 Eddie transfixed with the outside world..

the days are getting a little shorter so I have to maximize my outdoor time with the brood! :-)

a sign  on my way to work..:-)

Friday, August 05, 2011

Silkie heaven

 I am not too hard to please..Give me a few silkie chickens and I am content..I attended the Tuesday small animal auction at Keady and although part of me despises the idea of amimals as a commodity .(.and the way small rabbits were grappled and chickens/geese squished into crates)..it is one of the few ways to select a chicken of your dreams..I actually bid on these three lovelies..and "won" them for 6.25 each (I reassured them their home would be grand!)
 They are blending quite well in with the other lonely silkie-she seems to have adopted them into her circle...
 and the piggies were quite pleased to be outside in this glorious non humid weather also