A Personal series of dispatches from Rural Ontario Canada

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ho-l-iday..it will feel alright..

Life's rights of passage..my only one has turned nineteen..How can it be?
She was small for so long..endless days of growing up..and now
..I'm so proud of her passage !

It's been a whirlwind of a week trying to provide for everyone..tidying up work ends, prepping for her big day,supporting through tears and high expectations
and generally managing our sometimes complicated existence (yes everyone pitches in but the role of general overseer and chief bottle washer  tends to fall on my shoulders-and yes I do feel it sometimes!)

Hurrah!!Yes it's here..one full week of mostly personal indulgence. I had to catch myself yesterday..trying to fit everything in over a two day span..and realize I could slow down and pick and choose my tasks and events..What a gift!I will have some time by myself too as daughter and S.O . will be working and we have a window period of 3 cars ..

I have been preparing the property for goats arrival (this week yippee!) and have decided since the fence will not go up immediately in grassy area (he's promised within this month!)I will house the doelings with the piggies until they can stretch their legs a bit more!~Luckily I will be here to supervise and welcome them into our world..the back fenced area should do for now(it's large)-although not grassy it's well fenced and offers shade..

I have become quite connected to my life here..love my creatures and our land immensely -they offer me so much pleasure for the little care they require..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

did I mention the truck?

dusk garden..

Got the shed..waiting patiently for goat fence to be installed..and goat arrivals

Anyone who knows me even a little knows
1. I am a minimalist
2. I am not the least bit interested in vehicles other than for getting me from one spot to another
3. I am pragmatic and strive for simple living
I stuck my neck out a bit here to appease my loved one(s)..need I say more a huge honkin truck has been adopted into our lives

I am hopeful we can lug things to and fro with it..it must earn it's keep after all..sigh
Perhaps this will earn us a little nod of respect at the feed store ;-)

the road home..

last night's sky.sigh

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

weeding and sketching

I have been just a little addicted to creating portraits for flickr's group julia kay's portrait party..it's fun and good drawing practise for me

more little rural  smalls to sell on etsy..

the garden is waking up!
natural beauty spilling over

hen n hubcaps

the wonder of a single ant at work..

the chicks are maturing nicely..thanks to ma Consuella

The weekend was divine..So much time mucking around in the ground..pulling wheelbarrow full after wheelbarrow of weeds(yes it was kinda fun too) maybe satisfying is more accurate. this offered opportunities for our pots to play outside around the property and to keep an eye on chicken antics.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

sunday morning blackout ?

Anticipating a loss of power any second..hydro had left us an automated message-you knowthe kind-the indicate we would be without power from 6 am to 12..so coffee addict that I am I rose at 5:30 to feed all the animals make my bodum coffee..nd hastily hop in shower to wake myself thoroughly..so it's 6:14 and the juice is still on..hmmm

This morning offers endless electricity free opportunities..so..I might


too rainy to walk

go back to sleep (if my jittery caffeine fueled self will permit!

just think

tidy up ..a little

cuddle a cat


Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows that I have been enamoured (obsessed?) with goats for so many years(.Ok so I haven't been open about this aspect of my character..this naggingly hopeful wish.) Keeping them has been only a fantasy while living in an urban setting but finally feels possible here on our country plot. Hank and Winston(the pots) were our choices (well my choice) last summer and have been a rollicking adventure all around.

last night i drove for almost an hour and a half to check out these two lovelies..two doelings not yet ready to part from their mama-but soon to be ours to care for
i am investigating extra fencing options now-and readying their new home to be as goat friendly as possible
The family who have raised them were most gracious and helpful..a good feeling all around

I can't wait

looking forward to the journey