A Personal series of dispatches from Rural Ontario Canada

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

studio tour..

my door sign..

a frida poster inside my door for inspiration..

lonely chair

Such a lovely historic building..starting to crumble however. Hopefully it won't be soon "beyond repair" I appreciate my space there..and it's affordability ..so don't want to shake the trees..but it surely would be a shame if this gorgeous structure were to be demolished because of neglect.It must have been a grand courthouse indeed in the 1800's early 1900's..I decided to put up some of my art in the halls to honour it's beauty..amidst frayed discoloured carpet and old lino.tired yellow and doctor's -office- blue paint..

Sunday, April 19, 2009

red head with chickens

decided to change my hair colour..it's my prerogative :-))

sweet freedom..and maybe a few dog food treats

the coop

Ok I am loving the longer days and the shedding of layers (clothes that is) It's still in between. I am unclear about what is being planted in the fields around us..and hope it's green and pretty and that they don't dust the air with pesticide(ha ..likely scenario!) The chickens are merry and free..and they seem motivated to lay more lovely elliptical eggs ..I adore watching them scramble and run ..that crazy zig zag side to side shuffle and communicate in adoring ways that only chickens can do - Listening to their coos and cackles is music to my ears..Am I chicken obsessed? Boldness has brought them to the porch where I get a sidelong look from Luciano the roo..Perhaps wondering why we have the larger home? (and why I coloured my hair?!!)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring into ..

Change is inevitable..Right now I am considering a world where I parent at a distance. There are certainly so many sides to this equation..My daughter is contemplating university..big step ..positive for her and her essential growth..Exciting,thrilling ,terrifying and yes it stretches that elastic that joins us even a little bit more..I woke early today..my head spinning with all the possibilities of our separation..She is my only one so this is it..We move on to the next stage of life..maybe be a little less irritated and exasperated with each other..maybe a litle in awe of the frightening -ly close connection we have..Maybe anticipating reunion with a newfound positivity. I have loved (and at times been consumed by) watching her grow.With all the drama and milestones and pride and..fear . This connection has been like no other. She is ready..I am warming to readiness-as this change will redefine me and perhaps permit me to focus more on inward travels and growth (I think I do a pretty good job at that already :-) I think to some degree I will live vicariously through her own life adventures..but perhaps not so closeup at such intensity that I falter or lose perspective

Friday, April 03, 2009

April fool for chickens

A whole entire indoor day for me..rainy day indulgence..just me and the dogs,cats,rats ..and chickens..I might add they are so content these days as they are truly free ranging now ..in our yard..the gardens..now the porch..saucy Luciano the roo leading the way..I take a peek now and then and it makes me grin to view their collective antics..I do detect a shade of green amidst all the muck and winter's refuse..