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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

that's more like it..

Spring has finally arrived in earnest..yeaaa..My blackfly bites are evidence of this. We can all frolic out of doors andThe Boys(Hank and Winston) are more at ease with being with us -understanding we are treat sources ..my fear of them straying is lessened as they seem to find ample entertainment and fresh  grass to munch around the house.NonethelessI still keep one eye open ..and only let them out when I am around to monitor escapism or potential piggie mayhem.I completed the chicken wire surplus fencing on the smaller outdoor enclosure for mom and three chicks-hence blackfly bites..I cavalier -ly worked at dusk with capris and a t-shirt..silly me!
Taking two weekdays off was a blessing indeed..Time is precious -and lots to do around this property when the weather permits it..The sun is a tonic as  and  the colourful nature display cannot be missed for it's splendid and sudden growth spurt of blossoms and green

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day! As usual all your critters look so happy, and I'm a sucker for pics of mama & her 3 chicks. They're starting to get the little serrated combs on their beaks! There are wild quail in our neighborhood, and it's adorable how the chicks are running around so early in life with teeny-weeny topknots.