A Personal series of dispatches from Rural Ontario Canada

Saturday, December 01, 2007

magic of december ..stillness...contemplation

After two blustery bonechillin', windchill days my cravings for carbs and other sleepy soothers are starting to subside. The sun is bold and bright and bouncing light off of the snow blanketing our yard..and a stillness prevails. So different from the chattery bird and insect sounds of the greener seasons..the smell of snow..of hibernation..of stop and slow down..

I for one will not be grazing the malls and shops with synthetic cheery music and artificial instant love..I may slip in and out if necessary.(and alas ..as a mother of a teenager it may be a necessary exercise!).but you will not see me carrying overflowing bags ..or puffing and huffing in my layered gear.

I welcome December..shorter days lead to longer days.and a spirit of seasonal choirs singing songs from the heart, white snow on startled branches, and crispy cold air..make it easier to snuggle in and seek comforts in quieter moments and social encounters..

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