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Friday, December 21, 2007


the coop
SN-Owen eating snow
another painting for disappearing historic places series
Aa little 4 inch Square art for Tom Thomson show

Almost Christmas..put on my James Taylor Christmas CD and appreciated his warm,mellow and soothing take on a few classics..The dogs seem rejuvinated by the cold outside-and the cats frolic,hiss,slide through wrapping paper and nap for extended periods..stretched out over furniture like furry throws. The chickens eagerly await (or so I presume by their chatter when I arrive) my treats of sunflower seeds,oatmeal and raisins..today I offered a pomegranate..which was received with enthusiam..I will spend a little time later at the art studio in town..readying for a solo show in January..but for now it's cozy right here..think I will make myself a hot tea...

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jacquiscloset said...

Oooh I just bought the James Taylor CD at Starbucks today. And I so miss having chickens. We used to have silkys and other cute little ones : ( I really miss them but we like in a very, well, uptight cityfied neighborhood in LA and I can only get away with so much, my mean neighbors kept turning me in to the animal authorities because they thought it was weird that I had chickens, some of whom liked to fly up into the hedge, my hedge, between our two properties to sleep at night instead of going into their coop. I have four dogs and more cats than I can say. At this moment as I look around me I can count nine kitty friends and one original Heather Murray piece : ) I love your work so. Big warm hugs, Jacqui PS: Saddest part of having ADD is forgetting so much, like the fact that I already knew you had a blog and had been here before, sadly there's a good chance I may forget and have to ask you again. I honestly hate, hate, hate this brain dysfuntion, been plagued with it my whole life, despite being super well meaning and compassionate. OH well, could be worse, eh? XOX