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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

saying goodbye to Luciano

Luciano was our first and only rooster.Proud,magestic,showy,dependable ..and actually sweet. In his last days I could actually carry him a bit..and he didn't seem fussed.He would stand in the sun,alone, facing the breeze..staring out ahead..somewhere with some kind of reverence.until his last hours I continued to place him with his beloved "girls" at night -although he hadn't been crowing for weeks,or mounting in his usual no nonsense style ..I offered him yogurt and berries..little tomatoes and mushed oatmeal..all adored treats.it was a mournful feeling to lose him.He is buried beside Keesha the cat ..the Twerp  and Owen the Border Collie.
Spring is here..I have black fly bites as proof! garden work at this time of year is mostly hard labour with the rake,shovel and wheelbarrow and no roto tiller !I fashioned an arbour of sorts out of willow branches over the weekend which made me smile..a little creative energy expelled!

My daughter is home for a while and this has been an adjustment for all of us  ..but comforting to have her nearby..I missed her so much..even though my empty nest was getting to feel like "normal" I realize how precious and fleeting this time together is..sigh

 The dogs continue to offer their own special personal comic relief and sweetness to our home

my art continues to flow..

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