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Sunday, September 26, 2010

the new boy

Well we all miss Owen terribly..but our Savannah has been mournful also..
We took her to the local shelter to help us pick out a new friend-for her ..and us..we knew the chemistry had to be right and acceptance was key.
So after a walk in the woods and some off leash supervised time we chose this wonderful mild mannered little gentleman(who will not stay white for long in our locale!) So far so good ..we made it through our first night together without event and reminded me there is  such value in adopting an adult dog ;-) cats were cautious yet calm..Savannah appeared non threatened and peaceful/inquisitive. he has a lovely calm energy. came with the name "Harley" ..but we may work on gradually altering it(if it's ok by him :-) after all we intend to keep him around for life;-)!

all is calm..

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