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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Artist Susan Lindsay's incredible work!

another Susan Lindsay art piece..

I cannot believe how in love I feel..blissful...reborn ..fresh..in love with me and the world..grateful..peaceful..etc

Attended an opening of a most wonderous,conceptual show on Friday..a merging of poets and visual artists and it was food for my soul..I had two paintings displayed and my poem(dedicated to my art) read out loud..ahhh..sigh..Is there anything better?
Yesterday I was sick..(damn cold/flu) but sat in the sun and let it heal me. I had a true ME day..rare..drove to Durham Ontario and indulged myself in the eye candy of a newly discovered art supply store and spoke with the proprieter and his sweet and most sincere and helpful daughters..Enjoyed the curvey and bendy and hilly rural scape as I travelled there..not in a rush..Ate lunch in a naturally soulful,bustling eatery..avocado hummus wrap with curried carrot soup..yummy..and attended my art friend's opening in a historical, grand mansion/bookshop in town...The setting was marvellous ..and I bought a small piece of hers with a crow..again personally indulgent....chatted with a few of the guests and treated myself to a 1/2 glass of red wine....smile..picking my teenage daughter up from work in town and finally getting opportunity to view her friend's goats..I held a little black baby goat bleeting in my arms..total love..total ,pure pleasure..now today is a new day..my cold is waning..I feel energized once more!

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