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Sunday, February 03, 2008

February the month of love

the new digs...a lounge of sorts
the windows are large and generous..
a spot for all things wonderful

I am feeling ready for more sun and light...Stormy weather has made an indoor slug of me .The past few weeks have left us with more indoor than outdooor as the roads and field have been to difficult to navigate without snowshoes (definitely putting them on my list for next winter!) Trying to walk when I can ..always ready to play with dogs outside ..make my rounds to chicken cooop etc..even the cats are sniffling the cold air and refusing to stick a paw into it...On the other hand I have been busy with art..Just picked up remaining paintings form Thornbury "Rural Lovelies Show" ..I feel quite encouraged by my sales-7 paintings in total sold...yea!.and well supported by my Owen Sound people also :-)who braved weather to attend opening reception ..This month I will teach art (or rather facilitate projects !) with elementary students at a local school for their elective classes..This is always a rejuvenating experience as through their expresssion -art is indeed transformational! I also have my art hanging at The Owen Sound Artist Co-op for one year..and am excited to showcase my work there..

My next big news is ..I have moved to a larger studio! I am sooo thrilled to be in a larger space to accommmodate my paintings and suitcases of ephemera..it will be interesting to see how my work evolves there as it is a quirky place(still in courthouse) which I believe once was a a passageway in this 1850's structure for prisoners from court to jail..Although I must drive there from home..it provides me with a separate space to ruminate and create..so far a succesful formula..i just might go there today and see what happens..light a candle and put on my old record player....

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