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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Foundry... Lost

Foundry... Lost
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from a new series of mixed media paintings featuring local heritage buildings which have been destroyed without thought or planning..in one case a hotel from the 1800's was demolished to literally create parking space! This particular painting features a recently destroyed 1853 foudry which apparently was Canada's first poured-in-place concrete structure ! A mysterious fire of late caused the owner to make a hasty plea to city council for demolition permit! As it wasn't officially designated historical..the permission was granted and alas the building is gone! To add to this travesty..the owner owns an entire block of low income housing units including a Victorian apartment ..which will be trashed to make way for a big box pharmacy! Some 40+ tenants will lose their housing..and ugliness prevails..Numerous complaints/newspaper items have fallen on deaf ears..

So I make art!

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