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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

my own private vegetable miracle

2 new additions to our feathered family..Petunia and FridaKahlo

In reading Barbara Kingsolver's new book "Animal,vegetable,Miracle" a theme resonates for me..The sheer excitement of tending to and observing my once lowly seeds grow into abundance..(a tasty foodsource which I usually pick randomly and without ceremony from my local grocery shelf.) Ok ..so this may not have anything to do without art..yet maybe it does..It inspires me and forces me to look at the simplicity and wonder of this miracle of nature in a whole new light. For the past few weeks (I did not plan too well re early plantings of potatoes,onions,lettuce..) I have enjoyed my own cilantro, lettuce -leaf and romaine, red new potatoes,and now tomatoes ,red cabbage and red onion..not just a pretty face in my garden anymore..they are giving back to me -all those @#$% humid days where I attempted to conquor weeds and mulch the soil so lovingly. Thank you ...

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Anonymous said...

i just discovered gardening this year. i too am an artist and was needing a hobby outside for inspiration. my garden isn't as big as yours, but have managed to produce fresh veggies from every plant, except the bell peppers. still patiently waiting for them to develop. =)