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Thursday, June 28, 2007

chicken not so little

I am overjoyed to report the addition of a new feathered charge to my world..She is a mama too ..due to hatch sometime this weekend. I adopted her from my chicken guru Bonnie ..a local woman who rears her flock of 40 some chickens with lots of respect and loving attention..They definitely come from free range heaven! It was her idea to try a broody hen rather than try to adopt a few smaller chicks..It is never long after an idea is hatched that I try to set wheels in motion! Well..this home has a lovely coop outside..and I have waited almost a year to fill it with life..I added some extra chicken wire for security-and we will have it wired/insulated for winter too..As I am on a two week holiday I felt it was a good time to supervise and introduce this beauty (and her babes)into our life (Here's hoping she doesn't hatch all roosters!)

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