A Personal series of dispatches from Rural Ontario Canada

Thursday, September 28, 2006

mourning the cows

Ok..so I realize living next to a farmer's field opens up another world to me ..one that i have absolutely no influence on..I have grown accustomed to the daily visits of a herd of 30 some bovines..watching their rather graceful movements despite their bulk..amazing me with what appeared to be a gallop when they rumbled across the field. the other night I was certain I heard mournful cries (goodbyes?) Their Simple needs ..walk.. eat grass..drink water..occasionally try to hump another bull 2 months of fence side visits..curious stares..and being an audience for my occasional serenades..Long lingering looks..warm brown eyes flicking away flies..What kind of fool am I ? These are (were?) beef cows..destined for the unimaginable faTE..I told ..lectured myself to not get attached..whispered in their ears ..go softly, peacefully and quick -and forgive us!
So Grateful I don't eat meat

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